Easy Access

The motor compartment enables crew easy access to critical and substantial parts and components and to execute effective maintenance under cover, which significantly reduces maintenance time and cost.


Grab in Operation

We provide electro-hydraulic grabs of several types and sizes, all designed to handle various kind of bulk cargo (see Cargo List) with different density.


Introduction to Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs

Munckgrab is a norwegian manufacturer of the Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs. We are situated in the center of Bergen, but today the fabrication, assembly, quality control and testing of complete grabs take place in production facilities in Gdansk/Gdynia, Poland. Under the supervision of our polish company Munckgrab Sp. z o.o involving years of locally skilled and well experienced workmanship.


World Wide Operation

Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs are being operated round the clock by major shipowners/other in various ports and places for loading and discharging of cargo.


Stronger Steel Structure

Our grabs are specially designed to resist mechanical damage during abuse operation under severe conditions due to the concept of separate upper part (superstructure of steel hollow sections) and the lower part (buckets) are hinged together by the two traversal steel boxes.


About Us

Munck Electro-Hydraulic grabs have been fabricated in Bergen, Norway since 1965.

And until the year of 1980, more than 400 grabs were delivered to shipowners throughout the world, looking for an optional grab concept with high performance.

Since the world-famous crane company Munck AS in Bergen winded up their production of ship cranes in 1980 (Munckloaders), there were no marketing nor fabrication of the grabs until the years of 1993-1994 when Hägglunds re-launched this grab concept to the market after all these years.



Based on experience and reports from major bulk operators since 1965, the Munc Electro-Hydraulic Grabs have proven to achieve the lowest maintenance cost over a number of years (wear and tear).


Our services

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