About us

Brief historical overview

Munck Electro-Hydraulic grabs have been fabricated in Bergen, Norway since 1965.

And until the year of 1980, more than 400 grabs were delivered to shipowners throughout the world, looking for an optional grab concept with high performance.

Since the world-famous crane company Munck AS in Bergen winded up their production of ship cranes in 1980 (Munckloaders), there were no marketing nor fabrication of the grabs until the years of 1993-1994 when Hägglunds re-launched this grab concept to the market after all these years.


The company Munckgrab AS (MG) was founded in 1995 in Bergen Norway.

As a consequence of the merger between the two leading companies MacGREGOR and Hägglunds (MGH) in 1994, MGH decided to leave the Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs out of their strategic product range.

Munckgrab AS then acquired the rights of construction, fabrication and marketing of these grabs.





Since the year of 2000 MG started up the steel fabrication in Szczecin, Poland and assembly in Bergen, Norway.

Since the year of 2005 both steel fabrication and assembly of complete grabs were gathered and moved to Gdańsk/Gdynia Poland.


In 2011 we established our own Munckgrab Sp. z o.o. in Gdańsk.

 Today we are still focused on our core business of grab making. Our grab concept and unique design has proven a long lasting one, and quite a number of grabs made in the ’70’s are still going strong under same or new ownership!

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