All shafts are by stainless steel with bronze bushings and with cylindres` piston roads of stainless steel chromed and polished.
By use of first class material and components - maintenance,
repair and spare part supply can be considerably reduced (cost-effective over years).
  • Stronger Steel Structure Super-structure Upper Part

    Adventages: Less Mechanical Damage
    Benefits: Less Maintenance Cost
  • Hydraulic Cylinder installed Horizontally

    Adventages: Better Protection of Hydraulic Cylinders
    Benefits: Less Maintenance Cost
  • Hydraulic Machinery installed under roof

    Adventages: Better Protection of Hydraulic Components
    Benefits: Less maintenance Work and Less Spare Parts
  • No Linkage exit between Upper Part and Buckets

    Adventages: Avoid Mechanical damage of the Linkage Components
    Benefits: No Cargo Leakage due to Linkage Damage
  • Kickplates in Stage with smaller size

    Adventages: Better Adjustment of Cargo Intake with wide range of Cargo
    Benefits: Optimize Grab Filling and Crane Capacity
  • Parallel Stays

    Adventages: Possible to Adjust Buckets’ Jaws
    Benefits: Avoid Cargo Leakage
  • Design for Less Requirements of Spares

    Adventages: Less Maintenance
    Benefits: Less Cost
  • Short Closing Time / 12 sec. (60 Hz)

    Adventages: Faster Cycle Time
    Benefits: Higher Discharge Rate
  • Short Opening Time / 8 sec. (60 Hz)

    Adventages: Faster Cycle Time
    Benefits: Higher Discharge Rate
  • Shorter Width of Buckets

    Adventages: Higher Closing Force
    Benefits: Better Digging Capacity
  • Longer Opening of Bucket

    Adventages: Better Sweeping Ability
    Benefits: Shorter Cargo Time
  • Special Geometrical Arrangement (Bucket Hinges are far Apart)

    Adventages: Better Digging into Cargo
    Benefits: Better Filling of Cargo
  • Horizontal Action of Hydraulic Cylinders

    Adventages: Avoid Lifting out of hard cargo
    Benefits: Better filling for most cargo
  • Easy Access (to critical components) under Cover

    Adventages: Effective Maintenance under Protection
    Benefits: Reduced Maintenance Time and Cost
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