MUNCKGRAB AS, is the sole manufacturer of the well known Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs which - since 1966 - have been supplied to cargo vessels and port installations world-wide.

These electro-hydraulic grabs were originally manufactured by the "old" MUNCK company as being a supplement to deliveries of their well known Gantry Crane "MUNCKLOADER".

Shipowners like, Gearbulk (KG Jebsen), Grieg-Star Shipping,Westfal-Larsen Shipping, Leif Høegh, Klavenes - and later Western Bulk Carriers, Western Bulk Shipping, CSAV in Chile and Saga have their cargo vessels outfitted with our grabs in the range of 10 m³ to 20 m³ sizes and with payload upto 25 ton.

See reference list enclosed.

Based on experience and reports from major bulk operator's, Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs have proven the lowest maintenance cost over a number of years

After our company, Munckgrab as - in 1995 obtained all sales and production rights for the Munck Electro-Hydraulic Grabs, we have developed a medium (sized) type of grab (see below) and modernised the existing design in respect of new components and parts - but maintaining the superior strength, - flexibility and performance features, thus allowing the grab design to be used on slewing cranes as well.

As you may have noted, the mechanical design are quite different from other grabs of the market, and superior to other desing in resisting mechanical damage (i e eliminating cargo-leakage/ spillage after the grab bucket and upper part has been banged against bulkheads or hatch coamings). Furtermore, there are no stanchions between buckets and lifting point that can be damaged and consequently result in bucket spillage (i e change in geometric design).

The grab design fit perfect into any slewing cranes, gantry cranes, mobile cranes and overhead cranes.

In our standard production program we provide the following main types of grabs;

  • SB type; MB type and LB type.
  • The SBType is a "Small Bucket" grab for handling light cargo.
  • We manufacture this type in 6 m³ and 8 m³ range.
  • The grab weight is approx. 3,5 - 4,0 Tons depending on the capacity.
  • Both grab types can take max 11 ton payload.
  • SB grabs are suitable for cranes with SWL 15 ton or less.
  • When required, we also manufacture a smaller 2 - 3 m³ grab.

  • The MB Type is a "Medium Bucket" grab for handling light to heavy cargo.
  • This type is manufactured in 8 m³, 10 m³ and 13 m³ range.
  • The grab weight is approx. 7,0 - 7,5 Tons depending on the capacity.
  • All grab types can take max 18 ton payload
  • MB grabs are suitable for cranes with SWL 25 ton or less.
  • The LB Type is a "Large Bucket" grab for handling medium to heavy cargo.
  • This type is manufactured in 13 m³, 17 m³ and 20 m³ range.
  • The grab weight is approx. 10,5 - 11,5 Tons depending on the capacity.
  • All grab types can take max 24 ton payload
  • LB grabs are suitable for cranes with SWL 35 ton or less.

All types of grab (buckets) are having "kick plates/spill plates" that can be removed in steps, for adjusting the cargo intake in order to achieve maximum capacity - depending on the cargo’s density and angle of repose - without overloading the crane’s and grab’s SWL.

All shafts are of stainless steel, bushings of bronze and cylinder piston rods of stainless steel chromed and polished.

By using these first class components; - maintenance, repair and spare part supply can be considerably reduced (cost-effective over years).

All various types of grabs can be supplied with two alternative hydraulic operation systems;

a) S3 system

which is reversed rotation of the hydraulic pump, for open or close function.

The reverse (phase rotation) system are being used by our competitors their standard.

b) S6 system

with continuos rotation of the hydraulic pump and with a solenoid valve directing the hydraulic oil to either side of the two horizontal mounted cylinders when open or close function is required.

This is MUNCKGRAB's standard system and is considered a more user-friendly system.

By using alternative b) all high start current (i.e. each time the grab has to be open or closed) can be eliminated, and - in addition - information signals can be transferred from the grab to the grab/crane driver thus enabling him to «monitor» what's going on in the cargo hold.

By trained drivers this "feed-back" normally improve driver’s performance and consequently leads to increased discharging cycles over a fixed periode of time.

As all cranes for grab operation - new or old - has to be outfitted with cable reel, stabilizing reel and grab control equipment (in crane driver’s cabin), we are also providing this equipment, as additional (accessories) to the electro-hydraulic grab supply.

We hope you will find this General Information of interest - and we would appreciate being represented on your "makers list" whenever you should require an optimal, - and longlasting Power Partner in the field of bulk handling...

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