Munckgrab, Norway is the sole maker of this particular grab design with special features like - horizontal positioned cylinders / adjustable parallel-stays.

The 2 horizontally placed hydraulic cylinders 
for closing/opening function are attached directly
to the traverse beams of the 2 buckets.



Structural design:

  • Top part – a superstructure design made by steel hollow sections, only connected do buckets by the 4 hinges (no vertical stanchions exposed to banging/damege). Top part is equipped with movable (in 2 direction) suspension for connection to the crane`s grab adaptor or other attachment system -
    and is “housing” the power pack for open/close function of grab. The two hydraulic oil tanks are incorporated in the steel structure 

  • Lower part – the two buckets are welded onto the traverse beams, which are “hinged” to the top part by stainless steel shafts and with horizontally positioned cylinders, limit switch arrangement and parallel-stays for adjustment (alignment) of the two bucket halves whenever required after repair etc.

All sizes of grabs are fitted with various number of kickplates placed in slots in each end of buckets.This special design enables the vessel crew to adjust the cargo intake by taking both the cargo density and angle of repose into consideration (remove/add kickplates acc. to manual).

The superstructure of this grab design has proven extremely resistant to mechanical damage caused by banging during operation in cargo.

Banging of top part against the coaming etc, will have minor impact of damaging the power pack/cylinders as top part being well protected by the 4 buffers (in all 4 corners) - nor causing misalignment in the geometrical design/connection to the bucket, due to no stanchions - and thus avoiding that cargo leakage or spillage will occur during operation.

Both horizontally and vertically bucket lips are machined from abrasive steel Hardox500 – with optimal mechanical resistance to wear and tear by various cargos. All buckets can be equipped with machined Steel Overlap (optional)

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